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ECNL Frequently Asked Questions

Can my daughter play High School if she is selected for an ECNL team?

Yes, all Elite Girls Academy players who wish to play High School soccer have the option to do so.  The ECNL schedule allows for all its member clubs to play High School soccer.

Can my daughter continue to participate in Nebraska ODP along with other Regional ODP opportunities? 

Yes, all of our ECNL players will be registered though USYS which will make them eligible to play within the Olympic Development Program. 

What is the closest ECNL member club to Omaha?

The closest member club to Omaha is Minnesota Thunder Academy.

Will ECNL teams also be USYS registered?

Yes, all our ECNL players will also be registered through USYS which will allow them to play in local and regional leagues along withe Nebraska State Cup.

Will ECNL teams participate in league play outside of the Midwest Conference? 

Yes, most if not all ECNL age groups will play some form of USYS league games throughout the year.

Will ECNL teams play in State Cup?

There will be several ECNL age groups that do play Nebraska State Cup.  With that said, not all ECNL age groups will participate due to ECNL conference schedule conflicts. 

Will ECNL players have to play within their own birth year?

No, we will still give our athletes the opportunity to play up a year.  The decision on anyone one being permitted to play up a birth year on an ECNL roster must be approved by the ECNL Technical Director.

How many days per week will ECNL teams train? 

Every ECNL player will train 3X per week.