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Bianca Perry - U17 EGA Maroon

Bianca Perry (U17 EGA Maroon) Commits To DePaul University

06/15/2012, 4:28pm CDT
By Marcus Kelcher

Bianca Perry who plays for U17 Elite Girls Academy Maroon has committed to play soccer for DePaul University.

DePaul is in the Big East Conference which is regarded as one of the premier women's college conferences in the nation. Bianca is one of thirty NCAA Division I and II players currently playing within the Elite Girls Academy program, twentyseven of which are Division I.

James' (Bianca's Dad) response to commitment

Bianca getting asked three years ago by Taylor Haynes to try out for EGA was a pivotal moment for Bianca. EGA brought Bianca into a world of soccer in which the girls were phenomenal atheletes with highly refined soccer skills. Joining EGA also brought Bianca into Marcus Kelcher's world. Marcus Kelcher's world is a world like few others-it requires girls to chin up, to give it their all, and to keep coming towards their goals and the team's goals. Marcus' maxim is "you to give it your all and I will give you my best in return". Bianca has given it her all and Marcus has given his best in return. Bianca became single-minded in her pursuit of becoming a DePaul University soccer player and with the help of her very kind and very skilled teammates and her coach, Marcus Kelcher she has achieved this goal. I am more than proud of her and quite grateful.

Gail (Bianca's Mom) response to commitment

Though we encouraged a Plan B, Bianca chose DePaul as her first choice for college and never wavered. She was right-- the town, the coaches, Wish Field (sandwiched right next to the L train) and the chance to play division I soccer are a great match. Playing college soccer is Bianca's childhood goal, achieved through day after day of her hard work and consistent choices and that is something impressive at age 17. We thank the former and always Booyah team for the high level of skill and commitment that is contagious. We will say that this perfect happy outcome can only happen if someone gets you to the right place at the right time -- that would be Marcus Kelcher. The DePaul coaching staff said he was out there working for his players and responsive to coaches in a way few club coaches in the country could match.

Bianca's response to commitment

All I knew was that I wanted to play college soccer. I fell in love with DePaul when I visited. So I put all my eggs in the DePaul basket, and I needed an impressive team and a good coach to hook this up. I couldn't be more excited to keep playing soccer. Thanks Booyah!

Marcus's response to commitment

I am so happy for Bianca and her family. There are very few players who come to train with Bianca's mentality. She is a tremendous worker and an unbelievable kid. I can honestly say that Bianca is one of my favorite players of all time. She embodies the word team and this opportunity is reward for all her hard work and commitment to the team. I would like to congratulate B and her family and I look forward to working with you over the next twelve months in preparation for your arrival to Chicago!!

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