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Emma Prososki (U15 ECNL) Verbally Commits To The University Of Nebraska

Elite Girls Academy would like to congratulate Emma Prososki, who plays for Elite Girls Academy U15 ECNL, for committing to the University of Nebraska. Emma becomes the 2nd player to commit on the U15 ECNL team.

John and Shannon Prososki's Comments:

"We could not be more appreciative of the opportunity Emma has been given to continue her education and play soccer at the University of Nebraska and we could not be more grateful to Marcus Kelcher and the whole EGA family that has helped make Emma’s dream to play college soccer at the highest level a reality. While we are so proud of her athletic achievements, we are even more proud of the amazing young woman into which she is developing.

Emma’s love for the beautiful game began as a 6 year old playing for her first club team. Emma’s first coach on that team, Wayne Tate, pulled her out of her shell, began teaching her the fundamentals of the game and instilled in her a drive to always improve and develop that has never left her. We had the good fortune of joining the EGA family as Emma’s entire team joined EGA when it was formed in 2011. The training she has received from her coaches at EGA, Kyle Droege and Chad Gleckler, has been excellent and it has been a joy to watch Emma blossom as a soccer player under their guidance. We are also very appreciative of all the extra training opportunities EGA has provided. In addition to training with her own team, Emma has had the chance to join trainings with other EGA and EBA teams and has had access to countless hours of individual and group training sessions with EGA and EBA coaches including Marcus, Chad, Kyle, Angelo Bravo, Jim Whitaker and Chris Dunford and all of those coaches have been instrumental in her development. We are also thankful for all of Emma’s wonderful teammates, who all push each other to get better and develop as a team.  We would like to give special thanks to Marcus. The level of dedication and care Marcus provides to the athletic and personal development of all of his players is amazing and the guidance he has provided Emma and us has been invaluable.      

As two avid Husker fans, we are so excited to have Emma become a Husker. It is amazing to imagine that the little girl who once was so excited to serve as a ball girl at a Nebraska soccer game will soon step onto the pitch at Nebraska as a player and we thank Coach Walker, Coach Bridge and Coach Everding for giving Emma that opportunity.

Go Big Red! 

Emma's comments 

I am so thrilled and honored to be able to continue my education and soccer career at Nebraska.  Since an early age, playing soccer in college has been a goal of mine, and growing up in Nebraska, I have always dreamed of wearing a Husker uniform.  As I became more familiar with the school and the soccer program, I knew Nebraska was the place for me.  The coaches are great and made me feel at home, and the facilities are amazing.  It is such a blessing to be able to get a great education and play soccer at the highest level, all while staying close to home.  I am so thankful to the Nebraska coaches for giving me this incredible opportunity.  Thanks also to all of my EGA teammates who have helped me to develop my game, pushed me to get better, and been great friends.  I am also very appreciative of all the great coaches I have had at EGA, especially Marcus Kelcher, Chad Gleckler, and Kyle Droege.  All of these coaches have gone above and beyond in making me and my teammates better both on and off the field.  Finally, I would like to thank my parents and the rest of my family for all the love and support they have given me.

Go Big Red!

Chad Gleckler's comments

I am excited and happy for Emma.  UNL is getting a player that encompasses excellent touch and a great understanding of the game.  Emma is a humble student of the game who is always willing to learn and push herself.  Once again, I am excited to be apart of Emma's continued development and growth in the game she truly loves.  Way to go Emma, Go Big Red!!

Lauryn Anglim (U15 ECNL) Verbally Commits To The University Of Nebraska

Elite Girls Academy would like to congratulate Lauryn Anglim, who plays for Elite Girls Academy U15 ECNL, for committing to the University of Nebraska. LoLo becomes the 1st player to commit on the U15 ECNL team.

Greg and Brenda Anglim's Comments:

“Brenda and I are extremely happy about Lolo’s decision to study and play soccer at the University of Nebraska. Her journey to this point started at an early age when a select coach noticed her ability as a seven year old. Coach Eli Inungaray approached us after a soccer game and was very complimentary of LoLo's game and was hopeful she would play for him. We had no clue about select soccer, so we accepted his invitation and so it began. Coach Eli taught ball handling skills and stressed footwork at an early age, which laid the foundation for the soccer journey ahead.

At the age of nine or ten we set up an evaluation with Coach Marcus Kelcher who had started a new club in Omaha called Elite Girls Academy. Marcus recognized Lolo's ability and stressed that she had all the potential to become a very good player, which lead to her joining an EGA team coached by Angelo Bravo. Coach Bravo's dedication and commitment to his players is similar to that of all EGA Coaches in that he always was willing to provide additional coaching.  Coach Angelo would even do extra training with Lolo in his basement during the Winter months.

After her time with Coach Bravo, she moved on to play for Kyle Droege's team.  Coach Kyle is like a big brother to Lolo and we can’t thank him enough for all the time he dedicated to her development.  

At the same time that the new birth year rules went into effect, the club was selected to join the Elite Clubs National League "ECNL" and after much consideration we decided she should play her own age and thus Chad Gleckler became her new coach. His fiery passion for the game and commitment to making this a winning team is something Lolo loves. 

Lolo is a great athlete and thus has excelled at all sports but from the beginning her love of soccer has always been the most apparent. As parents, we have always supported her in helping her achieve her dream of playing D1 soccer at the power 5 level. We have tried to give her every opportunity to succeed within our means and she has taken those opportunities and has worked incredibly hard to achieve this goal. Extra sessions, attending camps, seeking feedback and work on her own, has helped her fulfill and obtain this incredible opportunity. She is so incredibly excited to be a Husker. 

We can’t thank the EGA family enough for all they have done for Lolo. This includes her coaches, teammates and the parents who Brenda and I have traveled around the country with, all seeking to fulfill our kids dreams. Brenda and I would especially like to thank coach Marcus Kelcher for believing in Lolo.  Thank you for your incredible work ethic and dedication in the development of all of your players, the sacrifice of your time away from family and the straight forward and honest opinions you give to players and parents.

Chad Gleckler's Comments:

"I am extremely proud of Lauryn and her family. There is nothing more rewarding as a coach than seeing a player accomplish her goals. The University of Nebraska is getting not only a great soccer player but a wonderful individual.  I'm confident that Lauryn will continue her work both on and off the field and I look forward to helping her develop into the best player she can be."

Nolan Fuelberth (EBA 03 Maroon) Competes At Boys ODP Interregional

Nolan Fuelberth (EBA 03 Maroon) recently traveled to Bradenton, Fl to take part in the Boys ODP Interregional held at IMG Academy. 

Nolan was selected as one of eighteen 2003 birth year boys to represent the Midwest region based on his performances at the Midwest ODP ID Camp held in Michigan during July, 2018. The Interregional event featured teams in the 2001 through 2005 age groups and comprised some of the top male players in the country training and competing against one another in their regions. 

Due to bad weather for portions of the event only two of the scheduled games went ahead and Nolan conceded 0 goals in his two 45 minute halves played. A stat every goalkeeper can be proud of! 

Well done Nolan! 

Allison Baker (U18/19 ECNL) Verbally Commits To Illinois State University

Elite Girls Academy would like to congratulate Allison Baker, who plays for Elite Girls Academy U18/19 ECNL, for committing to the Illinois State University. Allison becomes the 18th player to commit on the U18 ECNL team, all of which are committed to an NCAA D1 program.

Allison Baker's Comments:

"I am so excited to continue my academic and athletic career at Illinois State University! It’s been a dream of mine to play collegiate soccer since I was young and I am forever grateful to receive this amazing opportunity.

I️ would first like to thank my parents for all of the love and support throughout this long soccer journey. They’ve pushed me to become the best person and soccer player I can be, and I can’t thank them enough for always believing in me. Next I’d like to thank all of the coaches I’ve had over the years, Angelo Bravo, Kyle Droege, Taylor Haynes, and Marcus Kelcher. Each one of these coaches have helped develop me into the player I am today. Their patience and dedication to the teams I’ve been apart of is extraordinary. The coaching staff at EGA is amazing and for that I am so grateful. After every practice session you are surely going to take something away from it. I am also very thankful for my teammates I’ve been able to play with. I’m so proud of my teammates for also all reaching their goals in playing collegiate soccer. Being able to travel across the country with your best friends while playing in such a competitive soccer environment, I don’t think it could get much better! I truly am proud to say I get to play with Amazing Young Women everyday.

The moment I went to Illinois State I knew it was the place for me. Coaches Brad, Scott, and Angela, have big goals for their players and want nothing but the best for their girls in the future outside of soccer, and I can’t wait to chase after those goals with them! I know it will be a great fit for me. Go Redbirds!"

Mom's comments:

"To say we are proud of Allison would be an understatement. Allison has been determined to play collegiate soccer since she was 3 years old. Growing up at sporting events provided her exposure to multiple sports however it was no surprise that she chose soccer as her sport of choice as she was born to play.

For Allison, Illinois State felt like home the second she stepped foot on the campus. Brad and Scott have been excellent to work with and have provided Allison with honest feedback over the years. The expectations they have for the team and players is very impressive and we know this is one of the main reasons Allison chose to continue her academic and soccer career there.

The road has been difficult to say the least however without Marcus Kelcher and the EGA coaching staff, Allison's dream may not have been reached. Marcus has invested multiple hours in developing his players and it was very apparent when Allison joined his team this year. He pushed her to give her best and to push her own limits with her style of play which lead to multiple successes throughout the season for the team as a whole.

To the teammates and parents that have supported Allison and our family throughout the years, thank you! We have enjoyed being part of the EGA family and will continue to cheer on all the EGA teams."

Dad's comments:

"We are extremely proud of Allison!!

Ever since she was little she’s had a dream of playing college soccer, now that dream is going to become reality. She has worked so hard over the years. From YMCA to EGA and all the time spent traveling around the country to play the game she loves. It has been a joy watching her grow into the beautiful young woman she is today and we couldn’t be more proud!

A special Thank You to Angelo, Kyle, Taylor, Marcus and all of the EGA coaches for pushing her to better herself and her teammates. We are so excited for her as she starts this new chapter as a Redbird at Illinois State!"

Marcus Kelcher's Comments:

"I could not be anymore proud and excited for Allison and her family.  Having the opportunity to play soccer at the NCAA Division 1 level is incredibly difficult and to earn this opportunity after tearing her ACL last year speaks volumes to her desire and commitment to playing at the next level. I am certain that Allison will have a very successful college career and I am excited for the development ahead of her under the incredible leadership of Illinois State University Head Women's Soccer Coach, Brad Silvey."

Alyssa Kellar (U17 ECNL) Verbally Commits To The University of Iowa

Elite Girls Academy would like to congratulate Alyssa Kellar, who plays for Elite Girls Academy U17 ECNL, for committing to the University of Iowa. Alyssa becomes the 7th player to commit on the U17 ECNL team, all of which are committed to an NCAA D1 program.

Alyssa Kellar's Comments:

"First, I would like to thank my parents for all the endless support they give me and for believing in me, without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. Coming to EGA in the clubs first year was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  Little did I know back then that it would lead me down the path of playing D1 soccer. 

I would like to thank all the coaches that I've trained with at EGA. They have all helped me develop in to the player and person I am today and they all pushed me to be the best I could be. Thank you to Marcus especially for pushing me the most and demanding a lot out of me, and with all of his help during the recruiting process. 

Also, thank you to my teammates for supporting me and giving me a competitive environment to play in this year. Playing D1 soccer has always been a dream of mine, and committing to the University of Iowa and playing in the B1G has been a great accomplishment for me and my family. I am glad I picked Iowa because of the strong academics, great facilities and coaching staff, and the feeling of staying home for college. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me!  

Go Hawks!" 

Heather and Mitch Kellar's Comments:

"We are beyond proud and so excited for Alyssa and her opportunity to play B1G soccer at the University of Iowa. Her hard work, sacrifices and dedication to the game of soccer have helped her achieve her goal of playing D1 soccer. She's always been a good all around athlete but we could tell there was something extra there after a couple of years playing youth soccer.

When Alyssa was 9, we made the decision to change clubs which led us to the Toro Rowdies. We were worried she wouldn't fit in but the coaches and players couldn't of been more welcoming. She really grew as a player at Toro and then EGA because of her amazing coaches and teammates. 

EGA and ECNL have given Alyssa the best opportunity for recruitment that we could ever hope for. Playing in the best league in the country in front of dozens of college coaches provided her with several opportunities. After some long talks she chose Iowa and we couldn't be more happy for her.

It's been fun traveling around the country with Alyssa and her EGA family.  Our family has made life long friends from all around the area.  We're excited about the next 2 years at EGA and to see how much more she can grow as a player.  

Thank you to all her teammates that helped make Alyssa a better player. Your dedication to training and pushing each other to get better have been a huge help to her growth as a player.   

Thank you to the coaches at Toro that welcomed her mid-season. Thank you to all the EGA staff that have trained her for the past several years to make her the player she is today. Alyssa was always given the chance to train or guest play with other coaches in the club. 

A special thank you to Marcus for believing in Alyssa and pushing her to be the best player she can be. You told us she would play D1 soccer and that's pretty rare for someone from our small town in Iowa. We all trusted the process and with her hard work and your commitment to your players, she has achieved her dream. We know you will push her to get better and stronger these next 2 years to get her ready for B1G soccer."

Marcus Kelcher's Comments:

"I couldn't be anymore proud and excited for both Alyssa and her family. This particular recruiting process was shorter than most and that is because Alyssa was fortunate enough to find the perfect school for her early in the process.  After several discussions it became apparent that Alyssa was only going to be a Hawkeye. I am certain that Alyssa will be a tremendous success at the University of Iowa and will be a great attacking addition to the Big 10 conference. I look forward to continuing to help Alyssa prepare for her college career over the next few seasons."

Maddie Nolf drafted by the Utah Royals in the second round of the NWSL draft

Elite Girls Academy Alum Maddie Nolf has been drafted by the Utah Royals in the second round of the NWSL draft.  Maddie recently finished her last season for Penn State University, and now will look forward to playing professional soccer in Utah.  

Maddie becomes the third player drafted by the NWSL in Nebraska history with all three players being drafted in the last four years from Elite Girls Academy.  

On behalf of Elite Girls Academy we would like to congratulate Maddie and to wish her good luck in the months ahead as she begins her new journey as a pro.

Congratulations To The Elite Girls Academy Class Of 2019 #NextLevelBound

Marisa Weichel: Texas Tech University 

Skylar Heinrich: Creighton University

Emma Paule: Creighton University 

Morgan McLaughlin: University of Missouri Kansas City 

Lily Gonzalez: University of Missouri Kansas City

Sam Marek: University of Missouri Kansas City 

Allison Baker: Illinois State University 

Georgia Wimmer: Iowa State University 

Maddie Augostine: Missouri State University 

Maria Eubanks: Univeristy of Nebraska Omaha 

Megan Kenny: Eastern Illinois University 

Amanda Finnell: University of Illinois Springfield 

Josey Arduser: Augustana University 

Isabella Whiston: University of Nebraska Kearney 

Alexis Naujokaitis: University of Sioux Falls 

Riley James: University of Sioux Falls 

Taylor Hofbauer: Nebraska Wesleyan University 

Makenzie Rowe: Nebraska Wesleyan University 

Taren Newman: Hastings College 

Hali Hansen: Hastings College

Olivia Ways: Doane University 

Gabbi Zuerlein (2001 White) Commits To Benedictine College

Elite Girls Academy would like to congratulate Gabbi Zuerlein, who plays for Elite Girls Academy 2001 White, for committing to Benedictine College. 

Gabbi Zuerlein's Comments:

"The first thing I want to do is to thank my parents and family for always supporting me throughout my soccer career. They’ve been there for every game and practice to cheer me on and push me to be the best that I can be. Without them, I couldn’t be where I am today. I’d also like to thank the coaches and trainers at EGA for their amazing support over these past three years. Playing for EGA has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. It’s provided me with numerous possibilities for my future both athletically and academically.

I am so excited to continue my athletic and academic career at Benedictine College. Playing at the next level has been my dream since I was a little kid and I am thankful to receive this amazing opportunity. I can’t wait to continue to grow both as a player and a person and I’m excited for what this experience can bring. Go Ravens!"

Chris & Wendy Zuerlein's Comments:

"Gabbi has truly exceeded our expectations in all aspects of her life. It's amazing to think about her as an infant born five weeks early and spending 10 days in the NICU to the intelligent and kind young woman she's become with a drive and focus that's unrivaled. When she decides she wants something, she makes it happen. As her parents, we always encourage her to work her hardest both academically and in sports but she sets even higher standards for herself. It's inspiring! It makes us extremely proud to see that pay off as she continues her academic and soccer career at Benedictine College.                                              

We want to thank Elite Girls Academy and the staff, especially Brandon Palmer, Marcus Kelcher and Kyle Droege. In Gabbi's first tryout with EGA, we knew Brandon could provide the skills to help push her to the next level. He didn't disappoint...he not only developed her soccer skills, but he also made her both physically and mentally stronger. Thank you to Marcus as well who made contributions to Gabbi's development by offering camps and additional training but more importantly, he helped Gabbi and us during the recruiting process. His relationship with college coaches and insight into the process was a huge help.

We look forward to seeing how EGA can continue making Gabbi an even stronger player over the upcoming seasons before the next exciting chapter in her life begins at Benedictine College!"

Dulce Lopez (U17 ECNL) Commits To Missouri State University

Elite Girls Academy would like to congratulate Dulce Lopez, who plays for Elite Girls Academy U17 ECNL, for committing to Missouri State University. Dulce becomes the 12th 2020 player to verbally commit, and the 6th on the U17 ECNL team, all of which are committed to an NCAA D1 program.

Dulce Lopez's Comments:

"First and foremost I would like to thank my parents for always supporting me throughout my soccer career no matter what. Also, I am extremely thankful for the coaches of EGA and past clubs that have pushed me to do my best. I have recently joined EGA and it has been one of the best decisions I have made. Marcus has only been coaching me for a short period of time, but has already brought out my best soccer and continues to prepare me for the future challenges that I will face. Along with Marcus, I would like to thank Kyle Droege for introducing me to the next level of soccer.

I am so excited to continue my education and athletic career at Missouri State!  It has always been a dream of mine to commit to a division 1 school and I couldn't be happier that MSU is the school that I will continue to be doing what I love while getting an education. I would like to give a huge thank you to the MSU coaches for truly making the recruiting process a great experience. Go Bears!"

Wendy Lopez's Comments:

"Ever since Dulce was a little girl, we knew soccer would become a big part of her life. If anyone saw Dulce around, chances are she would have a ball at her feet. Her passion and love for the game only strengthened as she grew older and we are so thankful that it will continue to grow not only in EGA, but at Missouri State as well. This is such a great opportunity for her and we know that she will continue to surprise us with her hard work and dedication.

We would like to give a huge thank you to EGA and Nebraska Select for giving her numerous opportunities to play at such a high level of competition. She has grown so much in these past few years and it is amazing to see what she does with each team.

We would also like to give a big thanks to Marcus Kelcher. Marcus has really pushed Dulce to be the best she can be and in the short amount of time he has been coaching her we have seen so many improvements in her playing. We are so thankful that Marcus has given Dulce this opportunity and he continues not only to work on her weaknesses but her strengths as well. Dulce would not be where she is today without great coaches!

Thank you to the parents and teammates of EGA. The girls have been so welcoming to Dulce and it has been really nice to see all of the bonds being formed on and off the field. It can be nerve-racking meeting new people but the parents and girls at EGA have made it so easy and we are so happy to have met everyone.

We are so excited to see what the future holds for Dulce at both EGA and Missouri State! We could not be happier with where she is at and where she will be going. We have no doubt she will do great things in the coming years."

Marcus Kelcher's Comments:

"I could not be any happier for both Dulce and her family. Having had the opportunity to work with Dulce over the last several months, it has become very clear that she is truly committed to the sport and to developing to her full potential. The Lopez family took on a massive commitment this year with traveling to and from Hastings each week for training and I personally believe their commitment to Dulce and her development will pay huge dividends as she prepares for the next level. I am very excited to see the growth in Dulce over the next few years and I look forward to continuing to work with her as she prepares to be a Missouri State Bear. I also would like to thank Nebraska Select for their tireless work with Dulce over the years and especially to Coach Munch for the amount of time he spent working with both Dulce and her teammates in Western Nebraska. Your work has prepared a way for Dulce to commit to a NCAA D1 school and I look forward to adding to that work by now preparing her to be ready on day one of her freshman season."

Nolan Fuelberth (EBA 03 Maroon) & Elizabeth Overberg (EGA 03 ECNL DP) Selected For Midwest ODP Regional Teams

Both players were selected to attend the 2018 Midwest Regional ODP camp held in Saginaw, MI last July by State ODP coaches. From these camps the Midwest ODP Regional staff then selected the top 18 players from each age group to go and represent our region and compete at upcoming Thanksgiving/Winter ODP Showcases. 

Nolan (EBA 03 Maroon) will represent Midwest 2003 ODP Boys at the Boys ODP Winter Showcase in December held at IMG Academy, FL. 

Elizabeth (EGA 03 ECNL DP & Iowa Rush 2003) will represent Midwest 2003 ODP Girls at the Girls ODP Thanksgiving Interregional in November held in Boca Raton, FL. 

Well done to both players and we hope that you enjoy the experiences that these events will provide!