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The 2018 Elite Girls/Boys Academy Tryout Registration Is Now Open

Please make sure to use the appropriate registration link when signing your child up for tryouts. 

U14-U19 (2005-2000) tryout schedules are posted on the tabs to the left hand side

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2018 Summer U7-U10 Elite Academy Street Soccer Schedule

Lexi Thomsen (2001 ECNL) Commits To The University Of Nebraska

Lexi Thomsen - 2001 ECNL

Elite Girls Academy would like to congratulate Lexi Thomsen, who plays for Elite Girls Academy 2001 ECNL, for committing to the University of Nebraska. Lexi becomes the 16th player on the 2001 ECNL team to verbally commit, all of which are to an NCAA D1 program.

Lexi Thomsen’s Comments:

"First I would like to thank my parents for their endless support throughout this journey. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for them and their belief in me. Moving to EGA was the best decision I’ve made, and I owe so much to Taylor and Marcus for developing me into the player that I am today. Marcus has pushed me to be the best that I can be in order to continue to reach my potential. I also want to thank Marcus for all of his help and guidance during the recruiting process. Thank you to my teammates for providing a positive and competitive environment that has not only made me a better player, but a better person on and off the field.

I am so excited about committing to the University of Nebraska. It has been a dream of mine to attend UNL, and to be able to wear the red and white jersey since I was little. Seeing the campus and the amazing coaching staff reassured my decision. I am so grateful that Coach Walker, Coach Everding, and Coach Bridge have given me this amazing opportunity. I am eager to see what the future holds as a Husker! Go Big Red!"

Marc and Neely Thomsen’s Comments:

"We could not be more happy and proud of Lexi and her opportunity to continue her education and play soccer at the University of Nebraska. The journey to get to this point has been a roller coaster, but one that Lexi never gave up on and persevered with hard work, determination and a positive attitude. Lexi set a goal of playing soccer in college, and watching her reach her dreams of becoming a Husker has been a joy to watch.  

With that said there are so many people that deserve a sincere thank you for their part in her journey. First off, Taylor Haynes withstood our 2-3 hour interrogation on why we should bring Lexi to EGA. He made only one promise, that Lexi would have the opportunity to play on the best 01/02 team in Nebraska and the region. He wasn’t lying!

Thank you to Marcus for demanding nothing less than her best.  Marcus was incredible throughout the whole recruiting process.  We leaned heavily on him for advice and he always had Lexi’s best interest in mind.  All the work he does behind the scenes is amazing!

Thank you to all of Lexi’s teammates for their passion of the game and pushing each other to be the best they can be! These girls are like family and are there for each other for support when times are tough!

Thank you to all the parents, we have made friendships that will last a lifetime.  We are grateful for all the support and encouragement you have all shared through the years. I most appreciate the lobby “therapy sessions”!

Thank you to the club and all the opportunities that have been given to these athletes. The ID Camps, Showcases and ECNL exposure that EGA athletes receive is second to none!

Thank you to Coach Walker, Coach Everding and Coach Bridge for offering Lexi the incredible opportunity to become a member of the Nebraska Soccer program! We are extremely grateful to be able to watch Lexi fulfill her dreams as a Husker!

Lastly, we look forward to the next two years of watching Lexi and her incredible teammates continue their path to the next level!!

Go Big Red!"

Marcus Kelcher's Comments:

"I am so incredibly proud of Lexi. In all my years of coaching I have worked with very few players who put their trust in the process the way that Lexi has over the last sixteen months. Her commitment to her team, the coaching staff and to the recruiting process has helped provide her the amazing opportunity to play at Nebraska. I believe that Lexi is one of he premier outside backs in all of Nebraska and I am certain that she will not only be a success at Nebraska but an impact player on day one. I would also like to congratulate Marc and Neely on Lexi's commitment. The Thomsen family has been incredibly supportive throughout Lexi's recruiting journey. They have always put their trust in the process and have been incredibly committed to the team and to the club and for that I am very thankful. I look forward to continuing my work with Lexi and I am excited to see her growth over the next two years as she prepares for the next level at Nebraska."

Reagan Raabe (2001 ECNL) Commits To The University Of Nebraska

Reagan Raabe - 2001 ECNL

Elite Girls Academy would like to congratulate Reagan Raabe, who is an attacker for Elite Girls Academy 2001 ECNL, for committing to the University of Nebraska. Reagan becomes the 15th player on the 2001 ECNL team to verbally commit, all of which are to an NCAA D1 program.

Reagan Raabe's Comments:

"I am so excited to have committed to continue my education and play college soccer at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln! Ever since I was little, I dreamed of playing college soccer at a top level school like Nebraska. I have been blessed with great coaches all along the way and I want to thank Marcus especially for always expecting the best from me, and for helping me be the player I am today. I also thank my teammates for pushing me to be my best and my parents for supporting me through it all. I am so thankful for the coaches at Nebraska who believed in me and continue to believe in me even after my injury. Most of all, I want to thank God for getting me to this point because He put this opportunity in my life. I can’t wait to see what the future holds! Go Huskers!"

Chris and Melanie Raabe's Comments:

"Ever since Reagan was little, we knew she had a knack for athletic activities. Whether it was gymnastics, softball, basketball, or soccer, she always played hard and had a lot of fun.  Little did we know, that her passion for sports would lead her to playing soccer for the University of Nebraska, we are humbled and thankful for this opportunity. She grew up as a Husker fan, and now she will get the chance to play on the collegiate stage in the Big 10 as a Husker. Reagan has always worked hard to perfect her game on the pitch.  When the weather is above freezing, she escapes to the backyard to juggle or work on moves, or she finds a way to get to Millard West to shoot on goal or play soccer tennis with friends.

Reagan has always been competitive. Even when no one kept score, she would track the score in her head. Her drive has given her unbelievable opportunities with Elite Girls Academy. A lot of her success can be attributed to the coaches who were patient and tapped into her passion to improve. Reagan would not be able to chase her dream of playing soccer at the highest levels, if it wasn't for her coaches at EGA. Mike Felker, Chad Gleckler, Kari Kirchofer, and Taylor Haynes each did their part to create a love of the game and assist Reagan with improving her skills early in her career, and Marcus Kelcher has encouraged and pushed Reagan, allowing her to stretch her limits and realize her potential. We are extremely thankful for Marcus' guidance and genuine care for his players. There is not a better man in the region when it comes to high level youth soccer and college recruiting. We are grateful for the friendships that have been built both on the field and the sidelines with like-minded teammates and parents over the years.

We also feel blessed about the opportunity for Reagan to play for the staff at the University of Nebraska. Coach Walker, Coach Bridge, and Coach Everding genuinely care about each player in their program and focus on creating an environment where their team is a family affair and players are pushed to take ownership to excel in the game they love on a daily basis.  We are so excited to watch Reagan grow both academically and athletically at UNL. We knew God had a plan for Reagan, we just didn't know it would keep her close to home. GO BIG RED!!"

Marcus Kelcher's Comments:

"I am so incredibly thrilled for both Reagan and her family. Reagan is one of the most talented young ladies I have ever had the pleasure of coaching. Her tireless commitment to the game has provided her with this great opportunity and I cannot think of a more deserving player to receive it. It has been a season of adversity for Reagan and I believe that it was God’s plan for her to end up at Nebraska. I believe the Husker women’s soccer program is the perfect fit for what Reagan wants to accomplish within the game.  I am certain that the coaching staff at Nebraska will provide her with the developmental platform necessary to achieve her goals of playing beyond the college level. I look forward to my continued work with Reagan as she prepares for college soccer and I look forward to watching her incredible journey in the coming years. Congrats Reagan!" 

Maddie Augustine (2001 ECNL) Commits To Missouri State University

Maddie Augustine - 2001 ECNL

Elite Girls Academy would like to congratulate Maddie Augustine, who is a defender for Elite Girls Academy 2001 ECNL, for committing to Missouri State University. Maddie becomes the 14th player on the 2001 ECNL team to verbally commit, all of which are to an NCAA D1 program.

Maddie Augustine's Comments:

"I could not be more excited and grateful for the opportunity to play at the next level at Missouri State! I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like without soccer in it, and I’m so excited to see what the next chapter has in store. It is a dream come true being able to play college soccer, and it’s all thanks to everyone who has supported and helped me along the way. My parents have been super supportive throughout this journey and I can’t thank them enough for always believing in me. A huge thank you to Kyle Droege and Marcus for all of their help in the recruiting process, always pushing me to be the best player I can be, and providing me with amazing opportunities through EGA. I also want to thank all of my teammates for always pushing me to improve as a player and being there for me. I’m so grateful to coaches Rob, Kirk, and Maryse for making me feel welcome and at home at Missouri State and for providing me with this amazing opportunity. I can’t wait to be a Bear!"

Mark and Angie Augustine's Comments:

"We are incredibly proud of Maddie for pursuing her dream of playing collegiate soccer at Missouri State University!  She developed a love for the game early on, tearing up the turf in pre-K 3v3, and has never looked back.  Her hard work, perseverance and passion for the game have never wavered.  As proud as we are of her for her athletic accomplishments, we’re truly blessed to watch her develop into an amazing young woman of character.

It’s hard to imagine what this journey would have looked like without the support, friendships, and coaching from our EGA family.  We are extremely grateful to Kyle Droege and Marcus for not only providing a platform to play at the highest level, but for pushing her to excel in every aspect of the game. We know Marcus will have her ready to step into the next level of her soccer career at MSU.  And shout out to all of her 00/01 team mates and parents who have shared smiles & tears, wins & losses, and forged life long bonds as soccer family on and off the field.

We are also very thankful to coaches Rob, Kirk and Maryse and ecstatic to be a part of the Missouri State family!  Maddie felt an immediate connection with the culture, coaches and players, and is excited for the next step in her soccer and academic careers."

Marcus Kelcher's Comments:

"I am thrilled for both Augie and her family.  The opportunity to play NCAA D1 soccer at Missouri State University is a reward for all the hard work and dedication that Augie has put forth over the years.  I am excited for her to play under my friend Coach Rob Brewer and I look forward to working with Augie as she prepares for the next level."

Elite Girls Academy Awarded Women's Professional Soccer League Franchise

Elite Girls Academy is proud to announce that on Wednesday, February 7 the club was announced as the 113th member of the Women's Professional Soccer League (WPSL).  

Marcus Kelcher's Comments:

"I am incredibly excited to bring WPSL soccer to Omaha. It has always been our goal at Elite Girls Academy to provide a quality training environment for the EGA Alumni who come back every Summer. Being a new member of the WPSL will allow for us to offer not only a professional level training environment but also meaningful games within our designated conference. We feel that as an organization, the developmental opportunities we provide our members should not end when they leave for college. This is yet another example of how we commit to our players from their first kick of the ball to their last. "


Grace Ostergaard (2001 ECNL) Commits To University Of Nebraska Omaha

Grace Ostergaard - 2001 ECNL

Elite Girls Academy would like to congratulate Grace Ostergaard, who is a midfielder for Elite Girls Academy 2001 ECNL, for committing to the University of Nebraska Omaha. Grace becomes the 13th player on the 2001 ECNL team to verbally commit, all of which to a NCAA D1 program. 

Grace Ostergaard's Comments:

"I am so excited to play soccer at the University of Nebraska-Omaha.  I thought long and hard about different opportunities at different universities, but in the end, UNO will provide me with the best opportunity to reach not only my soccer goals, but more importantly, my goals beyond the soccer field.  Thank you Coach Walters for believing in me from the very start, and following my journey along the way; it meant a lot and was a big factor in my decision.

A big thank you goes out to my parents and my family. Without your support and guidance, my goal of playing Division 1 soccer would be beyond my reach.  To Kari, Taylor, and Marcus thank you for everything you have done for me.  Also, thank you to my teammates. Thank you for your friendship and for pushing me to be the best I can be. We have been through a lot together, and I look forward to all that we can accomplish in the next two years. Go Mavs!"

Adam and Jill Ostergaard's Comments:

"Jill and I would like to start out by conveying how incredibly proud we are of all that Grace has accomplished as a player and as a person. Her commitment to the University of Nebraska-Omaha is a milestone in a journey that we hope, will lead her to all of her highest hopes, dreams, and aspirations. I know Grace’s decision did not come easy. In the end, we believe Grace found the best fit for her. Coach Walters was the first coach to show genuine interest in Grace, and we appreciate his belief in her, and his patience during the process; it allowed Grace to make an informed and educated decision.

Throughout this process, Grace’s coaching support has been essential. Kari Kirchhoefer, thank you for recognizing Grace’s talent and fostering her love for the game. Taylor Haynes, thank you for your belief in Grace’s potential and for your role in her continued development. Marcus Kelcher, thank you for providing a platform to play soccer at the highest level. That platform and opportunity for excellence provide Grace and countless other young women essential life lessons:  including hard work, disappointment, perseverance, teamwork, failure, friendship, loyalty, and accomplishment, just to name a few. Last, but certainly not least, we want to thank Grace’s teammates and their parents. They have not only been there for support on the field, but more importantly off. The bonds formed, in good times and bad, are strong and will last us all a lifetime.

Now that Grace has arrived at this milestone, it’s time to look forward. Preparation for the next level will be the focus, and we can think of no better way of doing that than competing in the ECNL. We welcome the opportunity, challenge, and competition that EGA and the ECNL offer, to put Grace in the best possible position to compete when she arrives at UNO. We are so excited for the journey that lies ahead for Grace! Go Mavs!"

Marcus Kelcher's Comments:

"I am so incredibly proud of Grace. Her tireless commitment over the years has provided her this incredible opportunity. She is a player that takes great ownership of her own personal development and I am certain she will have great success at UNO. I look forward to continuing to work with Grace as she prepares for the next level."


Congratulations to our 34 player commitment class and their families! Their commitment to this game and their teams has earned them a chance to play College soccer. We look forward to watching you continue to show this passion at the next level! 

Good luck to all! 

#NationalSigningDay2018 #NextLevelBound #BeElite


Katie Stoneburner (2001 ECNL) Commits To The University of Nebraska

Katie Stoneburner - 2001 ECNL

Elite Girls Academy would like to congratulate Katie Stoneburner, who is a midfielder for Elite Girls Academy 2001 ECNL, for committing to the University of Nebraska. Grace becomes the 12th player on the 2001 ECNL team to verbally commit, all of which to a NCAA D1 program. 

Katie Stoneburner's Comments:

"First, I want to thank my parents. Without their endless support, this would not be possible.  I also want to thank Marcus for all of his help and guidance over the past 7+ months since joining the 2001 ECNL Team. Marcus has pushed me to be the best soccer player I can be and his knowledge of the recruiting process has been so helpful. Thanks to my teammates for welcoming me into the team and for creating such a competitive (and fun) environment. 

I am so excited about committing to The University of Nebraska. My dream has always been to play soccer in college and the Big Ten is one of the top conferences in the country for college soccer.  The facilities and winning tradition at Nebraska are second-to-none and the coaches and players made me feel very welcome. The soccer program's commitment to student-athletes goes well beyond the soccer field. The culture is very strong and I absolutely love their commitment to player development.  I can't wait to be a Husker in 2020…GO BIG RED!"

David & Kim Stoneburner's Comments:

“We are thrilled that Katie has chosen to attend The University of Nebraska and play college soccer in the Big Ten Conference.  She has worked so hard to put herself in this position and it has been very rewarding to see the hard work pay off.  Special thanks to Marcus for all of his support and ongoing feedback, especially the past few months as Katie got closer to making her college decision.  We look forward to watching Katie continue to develop at EGA under Marcus’ leadership.  We also want to thank Katie’s teammates and families for welcoming us into the EGA family.  The culture inside this club is unique and special.  We feel fortunate to have two daughters playing in the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL).  We look forward to watching Katie grow as a player and person over the next two years as she prepares for the transition to college.”

Marcus Kelcher’s Comments:

"I am thrilled for both Katie and the Stoneburner family.  Since joining the 2001 ECNL team, Katie has shown tremendous growth which has led to a vast increase in confidence.  Her desire to take real ownership of her individual development has been incredibly impressive and, in my opinion, has led her to making the decision to commit to Nebraska.  Coach Walker also places a huge emphasizes on individual development and I believe this emphasizes goes hand in hand with what defines Katie as a player.  I have zero doubt that Katie will be massive success and that her work over the next twenty-eight months will prepare her to compete on day one at Nebraska.  I look forward to working with Katie over the next several years as she prepares for life as a Husker."

Emma Paule (2001 ECNL) Commits To Creighton University

Emma Paule - 2001 ECNL

Elite Girls Academy would like to congratulate Emma Paule, who is a midfielder for Elite Girls Academy 2001 ECNL, for committing to Creighton University. Emma becomes the 10th player on the 2001 ECNL team to verbally commit, all of which to a NCAA D1 program. 

Emma Paule's Comments:

"I am truly blessed to be able to play at the next level at Creighton University. I’ve wanted to play college soccer since I was little and seeing that dream come true is amazing. I just wanted to thank all the people involved with making my dream come true. When I moved to Omaha in the middle of eighth grade, it probably was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through and the only thing that was a constant in my life was soccer. I am so lucky that I moved because EGA has made me into the player I am today. Also I what to thank my teammates, they played a huge role in making this happen. I am so excited for what both my current team and Creighton hold for me. Go Jays!"

Ross and Laurie Paule's Comments:

"We are so grateful that Emma has been provided the opportunity to play soccer at the next level at Creighton University. We are certain that Emma will rise to all the challenges and opportunities that comes from playing soccer with Creighton.  We are so thankful EGA has helped develop Emma’s abilities and character to play at this next level. Creighton is the perfect fit for Emma that help her grow both academically and athletically. We are so excited to watch her and to see where the Lord’s path takes her. Moving to Omaha during her 8th grade year was hard and EGA has become part of our family. We know Creighton women’s soccer offers an amazing family atmosphere which we are now blessed for Emma to be part of. Emma your future is bright!  Go Jays!!"

Marcus Kelcher's Comments:

"I am thrilled for both Emma and the Paule family. I feel that Emma will be a great addition to the Creighton women's program. The opportunity to play Division 1 soccer and furthermore for her Father makes this decision a special one for her whole family. Creighton will provide not only a great soccer experience but more importantly an incredible academic opportunity. I look forward to working with Emma over the next 18 months as she prepares for the next level."

Sophie Limongi (2001 ECNL) Commits To University Of Missouri Kansas City

UMKC Women's Soccer

Elite Girls Academy would like to congratulate Sophie Limongi, who is a defender for Elite Girls Academy 2001 ECNL, for committing to the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC). Sophie becomes the 9th player on the 2001 ECNL team to verbally commit, all of which to a NCAA D1 program. 

Sophia Limongi's Comments:

"I am very excited about committing to the University of Missouri Kansas City! I am so blessed to be able to have the opportunity to play soccer at the next level.  It has been my dream since I first played in kindergarten.  Hard work and determination are the cornerstones that got me this opportunity. I want to thank ALL of my teammates and coaches throughout the years who have supported me and pushed me to be the best I can be.  My family has been my greatest supporters and taught me effort and toughness. I am also grateful for UMKC for giving me this opportunity.   I am very thankful to be a part of the EGA soccer family and appreciate all the support first Taylor and now Marcus have given me.  I  look forward to continue to grow under him the next few years.  Go Roos!"

Paul and Aimee Limongi's Comments:

"We couldn't be prouder of Sophia!  We are truly blessed to have a daughter whose high character is her greatest trademark.  She is very caring, a tremendously hard worker and gives her best in whatever she does.  We are thankful that she has had the support of great coaches and mentors throughout the years.  We know she will continue to grow as an athlete and young woman at UMKC.  We love watching her play soccer and can't wait to see what she accomplishes at the next level.  Thank you to the EGA family, Coach Taylor and especially Marcus, for his belief in Sophie, his continued effort to make her the best player she can be and the opportunities to be able to play at such high levels.  We  are very grateful to have two awesome daughters who will be playing Division I soccer!" 

Marcus Kelcher's Comments:

"I could not be any happier for Sophie and her family.  I have had the pleasure of coaching Sophie for several years and this opportunity is the just reward for her many years of hard work.  I look forward to working with Sophie over the next several years as she prepares to play NCAA Division 1 soccer in Kansas City."

Congratulations to Elite Girls Academy Technical Director and founder Marcus Kelcher on being named 2017 Midwest Girls Coach of the Year by the United Soccer Coaches organization! 

The press release can be seen at the link below along with all other regional award winners:

Mallory Broady (EGA 98 Maroon) Wins NCAA DII National Championship

On behalf of Elite Academy, we would like to congratulate Elite Girls Academy Alum, Mallory Broady and her University of Central Missouri teammates/staff on winning the NCAA DII National Championship.  

Mallory was a member of the 98 Maroon team who won back to back Region II Championships.  

Congrats Mal!

Elite Academy Teams Enjoy Nebraska League Success

Elite Academy Nebraska League Success

Elite Boys Academy 2003 Maroon Omaha - U15B NE State Cup Champions

U15B Nebraska State Soccer Champions - EBA 03 Maroon

Congratulations to our Elite Boys Academy 2003 Maroon team for making club history and becoming the first EBA team to win a State Championship! 

After 110 minutes of scoreless soccer the boys triumphed 4-2 in a penalty shootout to claim the U15 boys title and book a trip to the 2018 USYS Regional Championships next June in Indiana. 

Well done to all involved!

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