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Elite Boys Academy Staff

Elite Boys Academy - Simply the Best Staff In Nebraska

The Elite Boys Academy is proud to have the most well respected and successful male coaches in the state of Nebraska.  Every staff coach brings both experience and professionalism to the organization.

Elite Boys Academy 2017-2018 Coaching Assignments

The 2017-2018 Elite Boys Academy Omaha coaching assignments U11-U19

Elite Boys Academy 07 Maroon: Johnnie Anderson

Elite Boys Academy 06 Maroon: Johnnie Anderson 

Elite Boys Academy 04 Maroon: Johnnie Anderson 

Elite Boys Academy 03 Maroon: Chris Dunford

Elite Boys Academy 02 Maroon: Drew Edmond 

Elite Boys Academy 01 Maroon: Chris Dunford

The 2017-2018 Elite Boys Academy Lincoln coaching assignments U11-U17

Elite Boys Academy 07 Maroon: Tom Burkey 

Elite Boys Academy 06 Maroon: Waed Ali

Elite Boys Academy 05 Maroon: Kenan Sahuric

Elite Boys Academy 02 Maroon: Drew Edmond 

Elite Boys Academy 01 Maroon: Chris Dunford

We feel as an organization that you as the consumer need to know in advance which great staff coaches will be overseeing the age group of your sons. We are committed as an organization to provide you with the best coaching in Nebraska.

Our staff coaches are some of the most accomplished coaches in the Region. Coaches who have proven themselves not only in the state of Nebraska but also on the national stage.  

Our philosophy is simple in the fact that we will only provide the best coaching Nebraska has to offer. This fact will be reflected in the amount of teams we form for the Fall of 2017.

Chris Dunford - Elite Boys Academy Technical Director 

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